Microgrid Energy
Shared Equity
Economic Development

Del Llano Resources technology provides scalable, resilient, clean microgrid energy as a service.

Our modular technology utilizes:

del llano resources
  • Natural gas with carbon capture to power thermally supported solid oxide fuel cells
  • Thermal and battery storage with solar
  • To create baseload dispatchable thermal capacity for fast EV charging, electro water treatment to help reduce water scarcity, and clean hydrogen

Being able to locate anywhere on the natural gas distribution grid and maximizing efficiency enables:

  • Low costs, accessible and reliable electricity with transportation fuels

Individual 40 ft shipping containers:

  • Producing 60kW with a 20-year expected service life
  • Can combine with 18 containers in multiple configurations to generate one megawatt

Our microgrids are designed to supply:

  • Stand-alone support
  • Distribution grid backup energy
  • Feeder installations to support utility substations

While our design and technology are exciting, what really drives the engine of our organization is:

  • Commitment to economic equality
  • Using distributed equity financing
  • Embedding value into communities

An important segment of the energy and transportation fuel transitions is:

  • The transition of equity as an incentive to facilitate this enormous and important change

Organizing each of our projects as co-ops, we enable:

  • Equity buy-in from stakeholders and ratepayers
  • Provide opportunity for natural gas distribution companies, utilities, technical manufacturers, communities, and ratepayers to become equity owners

Co-op shares can only be sold back to the Co-op, so embedded equity in the entire process becomes the building blocks for:

  • Economic Development
  • Future Energy Transitions
  • Maintaining the Economic Stability of all of our projects
Currently, preparing to submit our model to the US Department of Energy’s Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED), we are seeking development partners who want to:
  • Support and participate
  • Respond to this email to be added to the list of supporting companies and individuals which will be submitted with our OCED application
  • To request additional information or invest: